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October 2016
18 October 2016• 1 comments


Kind a bit late to post my-monthly-welcome entry. It's already in mid October.

My semester is already start about a week ago. It feels like this semester is going to be more tough than the past semester.

As usual, few important dates for me to be remembered; Happy 7th Anniversary to BEAST (16/10). This is the longest fandom that I've been - B2UTY. I know I'm kinda a bit old for this fangirling thingy but since everyone has their own interest so it doesn't matter isn't it? BEAST's contract with CUBE Ent has ended officially on 15/10 and instead of contract renewal, they are going to leave CUBE and plan to set their own agency. I wish all the best for my men. I'm behind you guys all the way.

And Happy Birthday in advance to Haziqah (25/10). The one who has been with me from college entrance's registration day until the convocation day. It is a great honor for me to know and be friend with such a great person like her. Her high-note-squirrel voice is always be my favorite and it has been 2 years since we ended our diploma and I miss her so much. May our friendship last long and let's not forget each other. I really love you. Happy Birthday Haziqah :')

That's all for today. I need to sleep. Wa'salam.

p/s: Been listening to Seokjin's solo song Awake from BTS newly-released album Wings all over again. The lyrics (written by him) is so heartbroken and I can imagine how difficult for him to went through those hard times before and after debut. He is a great singer and he should be recognize by everyone. After all, he is my favorite BTS member


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