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Welcoming The Year of 2018
1 April 2018• 2 comments
Bismillah. Assalamualaikum :)
I haven't publish anything since last November. When typing this, I actually remembered that I'm not that busy actually (apart from being a pjj student & full-time worker) but still I can't understand why I left my blog untouched. It's already April and I have started my new semester. I'll publish the next post (my vacation Part II), within this week, if I get any free time.

See you later. Wasalam.

Love, Yana.

Puakarians on Vacay (Cameron-Ipoh) Part 1
23 November 2017• 2 comments
Assalamualaikum. Hello readers.

Today I feel strongly motivated to publish my vacation journal with girlfriends last Saturday - Monday (18th-20th Nov). As what you have read above, I mean the title, yeah, that's what we called our self. I mean you can't be a total angel right. So I'll start typing now. I assume this one is gonna be a long post.

So my girls Ieyqa and Shushu were boarding ETS train from KL Central to Ipoh around 8.45pm. And I've waited for them at Batu Gajah station at 11pm. Dari Batu Gajah ke Ipoh kalau naik train dalam 15 minit. Actually I just can asked my brother hantar ke Ipoh tapi kalau dah memalam macam tu tak jadi nak mintak tolong. Even he is already over 20 but his safety is one of my priority.

We took this as soon we arrived at KTM Ipoh Station

Lepas tu around 10 minutes later Ainul datang and pick us up and went straight away to Dataran MBI, lapar katanya. Dalam pukul 12.30 baru balik rumah Ainul and semua pakat terus masuk tidur sebab nak keluar rumah awal pagi. Pagi tu semua bangun awal jugak la and we ate breakfast prepared by Ainul's mom. Keluar rumah dalam pukul 9am. Our first destination lepas sampai Cameron Highlands is Lavender Garden.

Actually we've taken over 400+ photos and videos on our first destination ☺. But thankfully banyak gambar2 yang cantik dari yang buruk bergerak apa semua tu because we never stay still kalau bergambar. Around 1pm check in, budget hotel je, Orchid Haven namanya, located in Tanah Rata, dekat dengan sekolah convent apa tah. Sebelum solat and rehat ktorg ambik masa sikit to celebrate our birthday (happy birthday in advance to Ainul - December baby).

Freshly baked congo bars by Shushu's mom

Lepas recharged semua benda and lunch, our next destination is Cameron Valley Tea House. Masa ni hujan dah start turun so we just wait at the tea house, eating, chatting and taking pictures.

Taken from tea house

Taken right away after rain stopped (masa ni dah turun ke ladang)

Sebelum balik, beli teh and strawberry ice cream (sejuk2 makan aiskrim), and balik terus ke hotel, rehat and solat. Malam tu around 8.30pm beli barang kat Brinchang Night Market, borong strawberries, cactus and souvenirs. After we had our late dinner, semua balik bilik and tidur mati. Suhu malam tu 14°C.

So that's all for today. Part 2 akan di publish few days later because I need to find more pictures. Happy reading peeps.

Love, Yana.


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