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August 2017 & Independence Day
30 August 2017• 0 comments
Hello readers. I'm back after my previous post 47 days ago. I'm not that busy actually. I just wondering what should I post since nothing much happened during the 47 days. So this is August 2017. Tomorrow is the last day 31/08 and also one of Malaysia's remarkable days. I think should post something.

So. My new semester will begin around 2 weeks from now. And Alhamdulillah my result for last semester's final exam was beyond my expectation. Masuk degree ni takde dah nak letak harapan dapat dekan ke apa. Cukup la lulus. Sebabnya bagi aku bukan senang belajar cemni. Oh. I never mention this before, I'm a part time degree student. The struggle is real though. I spent so much money, on books & travelling about 4 hours from Perak to Puncak Alam. Balik hari weh. Bukan tidur satu malam kat mana2. InsyaAllah panjang umur murah rezeki, lepas aku graduate, aku nak buat satu special entry khas untuk ayah, bcs he is one of the reason for me to be able to be a student once again.

Ok. Tutup cerita untuk satu topik. Let's move to another topic. Hehe. K-dramas & k-music la apa lagi. Actually, earlier of this month I wento to K-Wave Music Festival at Sunway Lagoon. I never go to any concert or fanmeet or whatsoever before but this time, yeah, bcs one of the performers was Highlight (known as Beast before), the group that I've been cheering on for 7 years, and of course Yang Yoseob too (the cute little mochi's picture is on the bottom-right margin). Bila dapat tengok sayang2 depan mata, so close yet so far, feeling dia perghh, aku rasa macam dunia ni aku yang punya hahahaha. Not bad la pergi concert ni, tapi penat weh. Tapi ni last kot. Yelah bukan selalu yoseob datang sini. Lain kali dtg aku pegi lagi ♡

Ok. Habis another part. Habis juga idea. I'm typing this right after my late dinner. I'm going to watch School 2017 (my current fav kdrama) after posting this. 31/08 is coming in 38 minutes from now. SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA, HARI KEBANGSAAN. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE MALAYSIA. I'M A PROUD MALAYSIAN 

That's all for today. Wasalam.

Love, Yana.


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